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Why stream trading

Our platform for live stream trading helps you to:

  • LEARN: watch top traders walk you through the entire trading process step-by-step.
  • GAIN INSIGHT: watch and listen to your favourite traders and influencers share insight knowledge and secrets-of-the-trade behind their investment strategies.
  • TAKE ACTION: be ahead of the game as you can replicate a successful trader’s actions in real time.

How it Works

Technology for Live Trading

StreamTrader is a live streaming platform where traders and influencers can share their investment techniques in a way that followers learn and replicate their favourite traders. At the same time, traders get additional profitability by sharing their investment strategies. You can watch your favourite traders streaming live:

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Forex
  • CFD
  • Commodity derivatives

Why Us

Want to be successful in trading?

Some people already are. We want to connect you with people who already have the answers to your questions. We believe that you should have a time- and cost-efficient access to investment process in real-time.
We are a multifunctional and multicultural team of Demium Startup Accelerator winners who have come together to create a solution we are all passionate about – StreamTrader.

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Are you an amateur investor and are interested in learning trading to make money or perfecting your trading techniques to make more money?

If yes, register now and learn how to invest from the best.

Be a Trader

Are you a a professional trader and want to monetise your audience and share your trading techniques during live streaming?

If yes, register now and monetise your audience while expanding your global reach.

A new way of trading

It is our mission for online trading to become more transparent and timely. We are committed to put you back in the driver’s seat and give you full control to choose your favourtie traders to watch live and learn from. On one hand, our platform enables amateur investors to view charts, watch chosen traders and communicate via a live chat. On the other hand, professional traders investing and earning money can monetise their audience and expand global reach.

How it Works

StreamTrader is a technologically advanced solution providing you the possibility to connect to live streams of professional traders and influencers. StreamTrader has numerous strategic partnerships and integrations.

Secure Payment System

We accept multiple payment methods such as Bitcoin or Ethereum, credit cards and SEPA transfers and Paypal. 

We collaborate with our trusted partners

Integrated Platform

Traders can broadcast to multiple channels at the same time:

  • YouTube Live
  • Facebook Live
  • Instagram Live
  • Twitch

Learning Tools

We provide advanced software that empowers you to train and trade in a way never seen before. 



We combine the power of Open Broadcast System (OBS) with our trading focused platform.

Live Streaming

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Our Roadmap

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Our Team

We are a multifunctional and multicultural team of (813) 841-9050 winners who have come together to create a solution we are all passionate about – StreamTrader.

Paolo Pindo

Paolo Pindo


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Irina Andreeva


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Inés Reig


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